Porches & Entrances

Porches, Entrances & Walkways

First impressions count. For home or business, entrances are a major focal point.

Soft Crete can

  • Be placed directly on top of old substrates to resurface them to a decorative finish

  • Withstand snow shovels and snow blowers

  • Withstand salt and de-icing products (plus you will require less of them)

  • Have logos, designs, building numbers and more laid into the rubber surface

Do you worry about liability of slip and fall?

Soft Crete is slip resistant and impact absorbing. Rubber Surfacing just makes sense in any area where slips and falls are of concern. It is the ultimate safety surface to provide for your clientele or family and friends.

Do you require safe and accessible entrances?

Soft Crete instantly enhances and provides safety factors to existing ramps. It can also be utilized as a stand alone to create ramps or aid in access for existing entrances.



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