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Play Crete is a Poured in Place, Resilient Rubber Surface which can achieve fall heights requirements of up to 16’. Safe Crete is a multi layer system, each layer serving a specific function.

The stone base layer is designed to provide a sound foundation for the Play Surface.

The impact layer is specifically designed to offset fall shock and to prevent serious injury via absorption. It’s thickness, density and construction are driven mainly by customer specified fall height requirement.

The cap or wear layer acts as decorative and active wear coat, Virgin EPDM or TPV Rubber, available in a multitude of colours.

The final rubber surface provides

  • Impact Absorption

  • Accessibility

  • Outstanding Appearance

  • Durability

  • Slip Resistance

  • Low ongoing cost of maintenance

It can be,

  • Applied to areas of various configuration

  • Applied to various sub bases

  • Used on exterior on interior applications

  • Easily Cleaned

  • Easily repaired and refreshed if needed.

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